Solid handles are made of Stainless Steel and they are definitely solid and has substance to it.  If you prefer these go for them. In this blog post I will try and give an objective view..

There is a conception that heavier and more mass means better handles/Pulls.  Yes when you hold the two type of pulls, the one those are Solid Stainless Steel and Hollow Alloy ones, you definitely feel the heft in the Solid ones, they look (and are) more solid and there is a rich feel to it compared to the hollow ones.  But does this really batter once the handles are installed on cabinet drawers and doors?

Once the handles are properly installed, you no longer feel the weight of the handles in your hands. And even when you touch and hold them (while installed), it is difficult to feel the difference.

Here are some advantages of hollow pulls:

  1. Less expensive
  2. Made of Alloy means extreme resistance to rusting.
  3. Less stress on screws because they are lighter.
  4. For longer handles (18 inches and more), they are safer.  By safer meaning, if the screw gets loose they do not come heavily crashing down.
  5. Alloy allows for better coating and finish


Here are some advantages of Solid Stainless Steel Pulls:

  1. They feel substantial.
  2. To know that they are not hollow and made of Stainless Steel , just make you feel better.


Both types will look very bad if they are not installed properly. In colclusion, choose what you like but lighter does not always means inferior,  It is how they are made and the amount of attention to detail that was given during manufacturing that matters.