SuperEasy-Jig 320

SuperEasy-Jig 320

SuperEasy-Jig 320 allows for easy and precision installation of handles and knobs for wide range of holes distance, upto 320 mm (12 5/8″)

Emphasis is on ease of use without compromising functionality. Set up the jig once and use it repeatedly without any further setup.


It can be used for both drawers andcabinet doors.

Euro Style Bar Pulls for Kitchen Cabinet
Cabinet Handle Pulls

Thumbscrew allows the SuperEasyJig to be clamped to the door or drawer while doing the initial setup.

Cabinet Hardware
Euro Style Bar Pulls

It comes with easy to use instructions which explain step by step, how to best utilize the jig

Measurement are given in both millimeter and inches. Millimeter are exact measurements and inches are approximates that are used by manufacturers.
Occasionally, manufacturers may not strictly adhere to standard hole distance sizes for the handles. SuperEasy-Jig 320 even handles non-standard hole sizes.  You simple use the open slot under the holes and mark with pen that corresponds to your handle.  You will then use this instead of the holes. this gives you almost limitless possibility to choose your handle hole spacing from zero to 320 mm.

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