Frequently Asked Questions

All our Jig comes with standard Amazon 30 return policy. However, we are confident that you will love its ease and precision so much that you will start installing handles in cabinets and cupboard where you never thought of attempting the task.  You will be installing like a Pro in no time.

With normal drill bits, when you start drilling, the drill bit can move from its’ desired position and may result in holes that are no precise. Brad point drill bits has a sharp point in front. This eliminates the drill slippage from its’ original position and makes the holes in exact desired location.

Each of ou Jig/Template comes with:

  1. Brad point Drill bit of very high quality.
  2. An ‘L’ plate.  This is used to draw lines on the first drawer/door to do the Jig Setup.  No further setup is required after the initial set up.
  3. Clear instructions on how to use the jig.

NEVER. You mark with pencil the hole’s location and then use the brad point Drill bit that we have included with our jigs to drill precision holes. Some jigs in the market allows the user to clamp the jig to the drawer or door and drill through the jig.  Our philosophy is different. Drilling through the Jig is a very risky task.  Even a slight movement can screw up the hole position and spoil expensive cabinets.  Our jigs encourage the user to mark the hole positions with pencil, do a dry run to make sure everything looks fine before the actual drilling.  This two steo process eliminates the chance of drilling holes in the wrong location and spoiling expensive cabinets.

It is very rare that you come across handles that do not have standard “Center to Center” measurements. In these rare case where you have handles that do not fit the standard holes, our SuperEasy-Jig 320 has a long slot under the holes. You mark with pencil the exact holes position and you are all set to use it even for non-standard holes sizes.

Our other jigs (other than SuperEasy-Jig 320) can ONLY be used with standard size holes.  To know what distances are covered please check the appropriate pages.

Absolutely For drawers, you use the hole in the middle of the jig. For the doors, you can use any hole. This is well explained in instructions.


Yes, all  will accommodate up to 13 inches and some taller.  Please refer to individual pages.

Yes, you can install more than one handle on a wide drawer.

In USA, the standard handles hole distance are given in inches. For example 3 3/4″, 5″ etc. The metric measurements in mm are exact and the inches are approximates.  Please do not confuse approximates as “close enough”; rather if the handles say 3″, 3 3/4″, 5″ etc …, the holes on our jig matches exactly with the holes of the handles the manufacturer publishes.

Our Jigs are carefully crafted with Aluminum. Some parts of SuperEasy-Jig is made from Stainless steel.  Our jigs are professional quality and lasts a long time.

Absolutely NOT. You set us the Jig once with few easy steps for the drawer and then use the setup on all same size drawer with no further setup and measurement (except marking the center).

For the Doors, you set up once for top right door and top left door and use the same setup for the bottom drawers.  Or you can use the bottom doors for initial setup and use it for top doors.

Either way, the setup is done ONLY once and you use it for ALL the doors.  This is the beauty of our Jig.  We feel the flexibility and easy of use is unmatched. This is very clearly explained in the included user instructions.

The whole idea of using the our Jigs is to make it extremely easy to install various kinds of Pulls/Handles with ease and precision. It can be used by both novice and professionals.

In most cases yes, except our SuperEasy-320.  Please refer to each page for more details.

We believe in using what is best out there and not reinvent the wheel. When you make your selection, it will take you to our Amazon page and that will provide you all Shipping Details.  Another advantage of going through Amazon for shipping is, if you are Amazon’s Prime customer you can take advantage of the Free shipping.