Innovative Jigs for Cabinet Handles Installation

Set it once and use it repeatedly

Solid metal construction gives years of service.

All our jigs are very easy to use.

You have invested thousands on your cabinets, decorate them with the handles of your choice. Cabinet handles are like jewelry to the cabinets, it bring out their beauty.  For your cabinets to shine you need proper and precision installation of handles, any sloppy installation of handles will spoil the cabinets.

Our jigs makes this task, simple and repeatable. Our jigs (templates) are very simple to use, yet very flexible to accomodate different hole distance settings, and you do not need a PhD to use them. After all jigs are made to make life simple and you should be able to take it right of the box and start using it with minimum learning.  But just in-case you need them, our jigs comes with printed instructions and instructional videos are available here on this site.

Made from stainless steel and aluminum with powdered coating, these will last you a very long time. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed and all comes with 30 days money back guarantee.  They also make a very nice gift for people you love.